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Fancy the flavours of a thousand flowers dancing on your taste buds? Look no further than Honeylad’s multiflora honey stix, which comes laced with a striking mélange of aromas gathered from an array of blossoms.

Pleasantly smooth with a well-rounded tang, Honeylad’s multiflora honey is great for use in a wide assortment of recipes or simply enjoy it alone.

With a blissful balance of sweetness, this honey is loved by kids and adults alike. It’s an absolute crowd pleaser!

Why multifloral honey?

Honeylad’s multifloral honey boasts of a mellow taste and a delightful medley of floral undertones borrowed from the nectars of myriad Indian wild flora infused to brighten your palate. As 100% pure and organic honey, it contains no additives or preservatives and comes without antibiotics.

A true gift of nature, multiflora honey is loaded with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, making it the perfect substitute for refined sugar.

Thus, incorporating this low-calorie sweetener in your daily meals can boost your digestion, metabolism, cell regeneration, tissue repair, and cardiovascular function, amongst a chockfull of other health benefits. What an excellent way to add a hearty sweetness to your day!

A bundle of taste, health, and convenience

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Sourced from the best Indian honey suppliers, Honeylad’s multifloral honey is a concoction of creamy goodness processed and filtered while preserving the inherent properties and benefits to make it more suitable for daily usage.

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This natural sweetener’s smooth consistency makes it ideal for your tea or coffee, while you can easily use it to accentuate sugar-free desserts. Being one of our most versatile honeys, multifloral honey can be added to your glazes, sauces, and dips or used to craft interesting cocktails, create healthy infusions or for baking cakes and cookies. There are endless ways to enjoy it!

Available in easy-to-open, mess-free and convenient single-serve honey packets, Honeylad’s multifloral honey is ready to be used whenever and wherever you want. Whether you’re looking for that energy lift any time of the day or to lower your sugar intake during meals, you’ll love these travel-sized honey sachets on-the-go for your everyday sweet fix!

Buy now online to dip your day in the true essence of the rich, farm-bred spread of refreshing energy worth four calories/g.
Honeylad’s honey also comes in 5 other delicious flavours. Place your order today to try them all!