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Jammun Honey

Want to adopt a healthy dose of sweetness by replacing sugar and artificial sweeteners? Go on a guilt-free sweet spree with Honeylad’s Jamun honey stix.

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Loaded with benefits and medicinal value, rich with anti-oxidants, it is the best partner for all your sugar cravings.This honey is replete with the divine essence of Jamun flowers as marked by its aroma. It has a distinctive texture and a lingering aftertaste

What makes Jamun honey the ‘divine nectar’?

Black plum is a very famous fruit in India, where it is well known as Jamun. The honey is sourced from bees that feed and forage primarily on Jamun blossoms from the Western Ghats. The pollens of the Indian Blackberry or jamun are the source of a variety of Ayurvedic treatments where it is  used to treat high blood pressure, diabetes,  skin conditions, periodontal infections, throat infections and allergies.

The jamun fruit also has tons of minerals, especially iron, making it a good blood purifier allowing oxygenated blood supply with good amount of haemoglobin all through the body. Jamun honey is antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic, anti diarrhoeal, anti-bacterial, and hypotensive. Add to it the unique bitter tones to its taste, and you have a honey that is super flavourful for the sugar sensitive ones.

With a low glycaemic index that keeps blood sugar level under check along with diabetes symptoms and complications, the jamun variety is the apt low sugar honey for diabetes. The sharp taste coupled with treacle sweetness makes it a suitable sugar substitute for diabetic diets. Regular consumption can do wonders for your health, skin, and hair. As a product from natural honey manufacturers, Honeylad’s ensures that every drop of our untreated and organic jamun honey that has all these benefits preserved in it.

A sweet shot of health and taste for the family

It is common to think that ‘healthy’ often compromises with ‘taste’. But jamun honey will prove you wrong. Its mild and sweet taste, and its fresh fruity flavour makes it an excellent accompaniment to desserts as well as savoury goodies. Own your breakfast, lunch and dinner plans with a decadent side of sweetness and health served by Honeylad’s Jamun Honey.

Order Honeylad’s Jamun honey today to experience the best natural honey without antibiotic in India. What’s more, introduce yourself to the ease of using honey in small sachets.

Wherever you go and whenever you feel like, enjoy the honey stix experience for a super  charge of healthy delight!