Forest Honey

Experience the flavours of the wild forest with Honeylad’s forest honey. Thanks to its robust, full-bodied flavour and tantalizing taste, this premium honey is easy to fall in love with!

Honey has traditionally been recognised as a superfood. With anti-bacterial, antiseptic, antioxidant, anti-fungal and probiotic properties, forest honey boasts of a chockfull of health

Made from the finest quality of forest honey, Honeylad’s forest honey stix are an indulgence for your taste buds and your health.

Why choose forest honey?

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This nutritionally rich multifloral honey comes straight from the heart of the woodlands and forests where bees gather nectar and honeydew from a vast array of flowers, plants, and trees.

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Darker in colour and bolder in taste, Honeylad’s Forest Honey is a delicious blend of fruity caramel that your taste buds will fond over. As one of the most organic varieties of honey, it is free from adulterations or any harmful additives.

This honey has lower glucose levels and a higher mineral content combined with the goodness and untainted nuances of the best forest honey grown in a pristine, biodiverse setting. So, every drop and drizzle of this natural honey without antibiotics offers the purity and wholesomeness that you and your family will enjoy!

Add the convenience of healthy sweetness to your life

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As leading honey manufacturers and producers of farm honey in India, we bring to you forest honey that’s derived from the heart of the wilderness and handcrafted to perfection. Honeylad’s forest honey comes in single serve honey sachets that are easy to tear and non-messy.

The crisp and creamy texture of forest honey is bound to make every dish a treat. Just squeeze it over your preferred recipe to introduce a burst of flavour. Make merry by pairing our finest concoction with pancakes, desserts, or salad dressings for a memorable wine and dine. The distinctive flavour with earthy notes of wild flora pairs superbly with grilled meats and cheeses.

Give a gourmet edge to your savoury roasts, or drizzle some golden elegance to your prized baked delights. A forest honey stix can make your culinary prowess the talk of parties. A perfect alternative to sugar and other sweet dressings, loaded with nutrition and with plenty of health benefits, each forest honey stix gives your day an energy boost of worth 21 calories. Why wait anymore? Buy forest honey online from the best pure honey suppliers today!