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Honeylad’s HoneyStix are a superb and convenient way to introduce honey to your daily regime.

Our HoneyStix are made of 100% pure honey, free of antibiotics, farm bred and rich in antioxidants. Each 7gm of HoneyStix pack serves a luscious filling of 24 calories, sealed into light weight and travel friendly pouches and ready to squeeze a mouthful of bliss to satiate your sugar free cravings. HoneyStix are available from floral notes of Multiflora, Lychee, Jamun and Forest to earthy notes of Eucalyptus and Sider; a riot of flavours, to satisfy even the pickiest of palates.

Above all they are super convenient to use, and once you taste them, you will discover your own way to incorporate them in a number of healthy recipes. The sleek, easy to tear and non-messy pouch is just a perfect option to avoid sugar while out for…

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  • Trekking or Leisure Travels
  • Wining & Dining
  • Post Workouts
  • Lunch Hours
  • Chai Breaks

Whatever the reason or wherever you go, Honeylad’s HoneyStix will be your perfect companion, always.

The more the merrier.

Honeylad’s HoneyStix is a delicious catch that can be served to friends or guests who come over for tea, coffee or the occasional sleepover. Honeylad’s HoneyStix makes for elegant presentations with its dazzling aura and sleek contour. The guests can use these as stirrers after pouring the contents in their beverage. Simple, easy to use and before you know it, you’ll be running the show for best host or hostess. HoneyStix also serves as a great party treat for kids. The mess free Stix will not burden parents to run after the kids while they relish savouring a delicious treat for the pure joy of it.


Excellent product with great packaging. The easy to tear Stix are a hit in our family…

Rekha Mitra

Nutritious and natural honey in a single serving sachet…. great choices!

Taimur Rashid

Happy to purchase, excellent taste.. will buy again!

Preeti Saini

Fantastic honey, easy and on the go, quick shipping…..

Radhika Gupta